How To Sign-up With 1Dental And Become A Member

Simply stated, you can join 1Dental by clicking on the green button below: 

If you need some guidance, consider following the step by step instructions below for signing up as a member only.  Or, if you would like to learn more about the opportunity to make an additional income with 1Dental by referring others, go to

Join 1Dental - Step By Step Instructions

=> To start saving up to 60% or more on your dental services, follow the instructions below and join 1Dental today!

Online Application Time Needed: 5 minutes
Total Cost to Start (Including $20 One-Time Administrative Fee): 29.95 USD

Required Access To Join:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.

Personal Information Needed:

- A Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account
- Names and birthdates of all the people at your household address

Three Steps To Join 1Dental And See The Dentist

Access Provider Network => Find a Dentist or Orthodontist. You may also find an Oral Surgeon, Endodontist, Periodontist or Prosthodontist as well as Vision and Prescription by using the above link.
After determining which dental office you will go to for an appointment, you can JOIN HERE. Be sure to print out the email receipt that will be sent to your email address.
Step 3 : Make a dental appointment and see the dentist!
Take your printed 1Dental receipt that includes your new ID number to the receptionist at the dentist's office before any dental services are done. The receptionist can call 1Dental to verify that you are a new dental plan member. ⇒ About two weeks after you join, you will receive a membership card in the mail that you can place in your wallet and then file the paper receipt. With your membership card, you will be able to use the bonus vision and prescription plans too.
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