Orthodontic Braces Cost More Than Most People Expect

Orthodontic braces are extremely expensive for the average family and orthodontic insurance is not cheap either. Typically, dental braces cost up to $6,000 or more, depending on the orthodontist, the state or city where you live and the type of dental braces that you need or select.

orthodontic bracesInsured families often discover that their dental plan does not include orthodontic insurance. Even if it did, in most cases, dental insurance will limit the average person to approximately $1,500 a year – this amount and coverage varies depending on the insurance carrier. Considering the high cost of dental braces through an orthodontist, consumers usually find that they are under-insured for their family dental needs.

Orthodontic treatment is a natural process. Your teeth move naturally throughout your life as muscles change and you grow up. The video below elaborates further and explains this process and how dental braces work.

Adults Need Dental Braces Too

We usually think of children as the recipient of dental braces. But, what about older people who never had the opportunity to have braces as a child? What about those who were unable to afford dental braces when they were young? What about people who grew up with crooked teeth? Yes, dental braces for adults is also in demand and the following testimony is shared, to some extent, by many adults worldwide…

I had good teeth as a child except that, at the age of 15, I had one lower left tooth extracted at the suggestion of my dentist and the approval of my parents. I had no choice. No one even knew that I was missing a tooth in the back of my mouth, so what did it matter, I reasoned. That is, until I was in my late 30’s, and I observed that my lower teeth were all shifting and slanting to the left.

At the age of 42, my dentist strongly urged me to see an orthodontist and to talk about dental braces for adults to upright my lower teeth and, eventually, to prepare me for an implant. He explained that, if my teeth continued to shift to the left, it probably would mean more extractions. That was a big decision for a 42 year old! I had only seen or known children who wore dental braces, never adults! For almost one year I wore orthodontic braces on my lower teeth and slowly, almost “magically”, my teeth returned to their upright position.

Wearing adult dental braces was a big decision for me. That was almost 40 years ago–and I’ve always been glad I made the right decision. For these many years, I have been able to laugh and smile knowing that I have nice straight teeth.

Rose J.
Phoenix, AZ

When searching for help with dental braces many people miss important questions in their checklist, such as the following…

What To Know And Do Before Going Ahead With Orthodontic Braces

1. Be sure the orthodontist of your choice will give you a free consultation.

2. Is your orthodontist open early mornings and late evenings? This is important for those who work all day and for those in school all day.

3. What is the total cost of braces in your diagnosis?

4. How does the orthodontist expect payment? Will he or she accept payment as you progress with treatment or for services rendered at each appointment time?

5. Does the orthodontist offer “no interest” financing?

If orthodontic braces cost too much for your family budget, consider using one of the leading dental discount plans. It offers a discount that can save hundreds of dollars or even more than a thousand dollars in major cities for the cost of dental braces. Unlike orthodontic insurance, you will be able to use a dental discount plan immediately with NO waiting period and as often as you need it for all of your dental needs – except braces already in progress by another orthodontist. In addition, there’s NO annual limits so you’ll likely save more money than the annual limit of a dental insurance plan.

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Review Dental Discount Plan Details

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