Dental Implants Cost, Process (and How To Pay Less For The Procedure!)

Dental implants are expensive because they are made of titanium and surgically screwed into the patient’s jaw bone. A false tooth then sits on top of the implant.

The cost for dental implants can be as high as $3,000 each, but the total cost can go much higher depending on where the implant is needed and how much bone or gum restoration work might be required.

Most dental insurance plans don’t cover dental implants. However, those with access to a discount dental plan can reduce this expense considerably. In many areas, this dental plan can cut the price by hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how many implants are needed.

Dental implants or no implants? That is the question facing people with missing teeth! What is the process and what is involved in getting dental implants?

A dental implant recipient shares her experience, questions and findings in the following article…


I studied my situation. Why spend the money for a dental bridge or an implant? I found several reasons:

  1. I learned that the remaining teeth will shift and tilt toward the area with missing teeth.
  2. Open areas, or missing teeth, may cause bite problems because the way the jaw closes could make it difficult to eat and chew food. This will eventually cause biting irregularities.
  3. Food may become lodged in empty spaces and this can increase decay and gum disease.
  4. Worse than all these facts is the fact that supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve.
  5. A person’s self esteem, confidence, and well-being eventually are negatively affected.


I learned that dental implants are safe, natural looking, and most often will last a lifetime. I wanted to know more.

Implants are stronger, more dependable and durable than a dental bridge or dentures. The implant is a small sturdy titanium post placed in the jaw bone.

Dental implants do not get cavities. My natural teeth would not be affected – no grinding, no clasps, no crowns! The dentist would check the bone mass in my jaw, and an implant would preserve the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration. This keeps the bone and gum tissue from collapsing.


When a person loses a tooth, or teeth, it is wise to consider an implant immediately – “sooner rather than later.”

Don’t wait years until your teeth shift and slant.

If you wait to replace a missing tooth, as I did, you may need to wear dental braces to bring your shifted/slanted teeth into an upright position before you can have the implant. This increases costs and delays the implant.


Implants are most often done by specialists, though some dentists are trained and qualified. A specialist is a prosthodontist, periodontist, or an oral surgeon. My dentist wisely referred me to a specialist. That was over 15 years ago, and my “implants” are still perfect!

Check out the doctor’s credentials – from what schools did he/she graduate? How long has he/she been in practice? Visit the office, just so you will know the distance you will need to travel – and even ask for a “consultation” visit. Ask for a referral, a former patient with whom you can talk regarding the procedure!

As with everything in life, prices vary. Do some comparison shopping. Don’t hesitate to inquire about costs before you begin the procedure. Learn more about about discount dental implants below.


Begin your search with optimism because implants have been tried and proven by people everywhere for many years. Take the recommendation of your dentist because he may determine that you are not a good candidate for the procedure. However, don’t stop there – get a second and a third opinion!

Ask your doctor every question about the surgery. How long will the procedure take? What does he actually do? What kind of anaesthetic will be used? Since this is done in his office, will you be able to drive home? How long will you be unable to eat or chew on the implant? How often will you go for checkups? … and your list of questions could go on.


Does it hurt when you get a filling in a tooth? Does it hurt when you have any dental work done? I think the answer would be “yes, more or less.”

When I had my dental implants, the dentist gave me a very light anesthetic. I believe he called it “twilight sleep.” He wanted me awake during the procedure and kept talking to me. Because of the anesthetic, I have to say that the “hurt” was mild. It is a procedure I highly recommend. I was as apprehensive as you probably are, but to have it done, is one of the best decisions I ever made.

This was done in my dentist’s office. I use the word “dentist” generally–but be sure you have a “dentist” who is a specialist in “implants”. He will probably be an oral surgeon or a maxiofacial dentist. My procedure took about three hours, and I had two done at one time (side by side). This was done in the dentist’s office–and I was not permitted to drive home. I stayed home from work for two days plus Saturday and Sunday. Of course, you will have to be careful about eating and keeping the “surgery” portion of your mouth very clean.

Personal testimony given to by RW Jackson in Orange County, CA.

The cost of dental implants remain expensive and dental insurance often does not include implants because it’s considered cosmetic. Many have concluded that finding affordable dental implants is impossible, especially if no insurance is available. However, searching for dental implants without insurance can return favorable results if the dentist accepts a discount dental plan like AmeriPlan Dental.

The benefit of having implants through an alternative discount dental plan is that there is NO waiting period so you’ll be able to see the dentist right away. Also, unlike insurance, there is NO annual limits so you’ll likely save more money than you would be permitted through a traditional dental insurance plan.

Finding affordable dental implants is difficult because so few dental plans offer it. Most often it’s considered cosmetic so traditional insurance for implants is limited or not available at all because of the huge expense. If dental insurance includes any coverage for it, it’s typically not obtainable until a year later after numerous premium payments.

Since dental implant discounts are considered rare, many people are finding AmeriPlan Dental® to be the most practical solution in this situation.

Dental discount plans have answered the consumer demand for affordable dental implants through their vast network of professional dentists. In most major cities, the discount on dental services ranges from 20% to 60% or more. The best way to explain how this service works is to compare it to popular stores like Costco or Sam’s Club except, rather than discounting merchandise, discount dental plans lower the price on dental services for its members.

Experience the advantage of joining a network that can provide you the best prices on dental care in the country. Dental implants can become a reality through the cost saving services of a dental discount plan.

People choose a discount dental plan for several reasons, not only because dental implants cost less, but they also benefit from the following:

  • Cosmetic dentistry such as bleaching, bonding and implants are included.
  • Orthodontics (dental braces) included for both children and adults.
  • All ongoing dental / medical problems are accepted (except orthodontic treatment already in progress)
  • No waiting period. You can go to the dentist immediately.
  • All Specialists included – Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Endodontists, Periodontists and Prosthodontists.
  • Members may change dentists at any time without having to notify anyone.
  • No annual limitations
  • No paperwork
  • Instant savings

Dental insurance usually only allows benefits up to $1,000 per year so one dental bridge is very likely to go well beyond the annual limit. Because of this reality, most people have come to realize that they don’t have much protection from the increasingly high cost of dental care with a dental insurance plan alone.

It’s been said that with dental insurance you pay a lot each month and get a little in return, but with a dental discount program you pay a little and get a lot (by saving much more than the annual limit from dental insurance, not to mention the reduced monthly cost). Even people with a dental insurance plan find that the extra protection can lower their expenses when their annual limits have been reached.

People all over America just like you are convinced that this is the best value dental care available. Click the sign-up link below to see the plan choices and all the benefits!

Dental Implant Cost Reduction is Easy...

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After you join, your ID# will be e-mailed to you. Print your e-mail receipt and show it to your dentist.

Important: Once you become a member, If for any reason you decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel at anytime. We want you to be pleased with your membership so you will refer more people to this site.

Dental implants cost less with a dental discount plan, which is available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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