Types Of Dental Braces With Video, Important Considerations (And Cost)

What Kind Of Braces Should I Get?

When looking for braces, your orthodontist will discuss the options with you. There are several types of dental braces which you may consider: Metal braces, Invisible braces (also known as Invisalign braces), Ceramic braces and Lingual braces.

dental bracesMetal braces consist primarily of brackets and wires and rubber bands. They are stainless steel (sometimes mixed with titanium) and are the most popular and traditional. Periodic visits to the orthodontist are necessary to check and adjust the braces.

Mini-braces are smaller, and may be used in less severe cases when the teeth do not require major straightening. A plastic brace or retainer is used.

An adult woman shared how she had a removable plastic brace or retainer many years after she had one lower tooth pulled, and her teeth had shifted and slanted to the left. The brace was removable for cleaning, and was hardly visible during the time she worked or was out in the evening.

Invisible braces are basically cosmetic braces, and are known as Invisalign. They are made from a clear or invisible plastic-looking material. Invisalign braces are more expensive than metal braces, and are most often chosen by adults. They are also more comfortable since there is little or no irritation on the gums tissue. Invisalign braces can be removed for eating and cleaning, and the aligners are changed to a new set every two or three weeks.

Ceramic braces are less visible than metal braces. The orthodontist changes ties during each monthly visit to adjust the braces. Since these braces require more maintenance and time because they are prone to break, it may be impractical for some.

Lingual braces are unique because they are set to hide behind the teeth so they cannot be seen. Since they’re behind the teeth it can make it difficult for some patients to talk because it can get in the way of the tongue.

For a visual display of the various types of braces, the following video is helpful…

Who Needs Dental Braces?

People with crooked teeth, missing teeth, and overbite or underbite teeth will need to go through a period of time wearing braces in order to straighten their teeth.

Braces will straighten teeth and fix bite problems. If a tooth is missing, your dentist may recommend a “transplant” or a bridge for that tooth after your teeth are straightened.

How Long Do I Wear Braces?

Depending on the problem, braces need to be worn for twelve to twenty-four months. If a person is trying to move teeth that have large spaces between them, it will take a longer period of time. However, if teeth are just slightly misaligned, or if an overbite is only caused by one or two teeth, the time required for braces will be much less.

The age of the person is often a contributing factor. Young children usually will require braces for a shorter period of time, but it’s also important to know when to start children on braces.

The type of dental braces you choose can also determine the amount of time you may have to wear them. It is wise to consult an orthodontist who will be able to recommend what is best for you.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of dental braces completed by an Orthodontist can be as high as $6,000.00 or more over several years. Prices will vary according to which state you are in, the type of dental braces you need or select, and the specialist that you choose. It is important to check with your insurance company to see how much coverage is provided for your procedure.

If you’re concerned about the cost of dental braces, consider using a dental plan. It offers a discount that will likely save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of dental braces. Unlike orthodontic insurance, you will be able to use a dental discount plan immediately and as often as necessary – except on braces already in progress by another orthodontist.

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